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Karynthia Glasper-Phillips is a licensed healthcare provider and certified leadership and communication coach

Identifying your purpose, passion and tools for a better YOU


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7:30PM CST
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January 4, 2023 "Eve"
How her life story is applicable to our stories. 
Weekly Virtual Discussion. 
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January 8, 2023
Fresh Start Guest with Romana Torres Podcast 
"Girlfriends Talking"
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Karynthia Glasper-Phillips is a licensed healthcare provider and certified leadership and communication coach providing coaching to other aspiring leaders, writers, authors.  If you are not quite sure of your purpose, contact us and begin a life of influence.  This organization is designed for women seeking to live significantly in a world of competition demanding productivity at the cost of self-neglect.  

Karynthia teaches “optimal health is not by chance it is a choice” and to be effective in life one must maintain a healthy spirit, mind and body-wholeness. This organization empowers you to:

1.  Simplify or create your vision 
2.  Establish goals and execute them
3.  Implement strategies with the art of wholeness igniting purposeful living.

Let us help you accomplish new or revive dormant goals and live with purpose. Women can work together exploring and achieving what seems impossible.  Come out and discover, execute and experience "Life by Design"...there is no secret to living abundantly; it is in the Word we must "Just do it!".   

Karynthia Phillips


Beyond Boundary Institute

2023 Annual Professional Development Workshops
Karynthia Glasper-Phillips

Beyond Boundary Institute is a community of facilitators who "see you as God does", confident and successful in life.  We have professional and personal develoment conferences annually, workshops, and courses throughout the year.  Those resources are available for you to sharpen your skills, clarify your vocation, gifts, and talents. 

God has given you passion, purpose, but often you become stuck in fulfilling your plans.  We would like to help you with activities that can help you simplify vision and execute your goals for life, career, ministry, and business. 

Beyond Boundary Institute has a host of qualified nutritionist, psychologist, business, writing and speaking coaches who have traveled the journey of creativity strategically through the fog with support and moved beyond their boundaries to the other side successful.  Learn More>>

Leadership begins with personal wholeness and convenant relationships 

Life by Design.

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