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About Karynthia
Karynthia Phillips, coined the name for the concept “trinity wholeness” which suggest harmony of Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body while practicing quiet time in conjunction with physical and emotional care as one doing life as a woman, wife, mother, business woman or doing ministry.  Personal wholeness has been Karynthia’s platform for several decades teaching and training women to live purposefully.
She is bi-vocational as a family healthcare provider and ordained minister with a passion to see women whole and function in full capacity of their call.  Karynthia Phillips is dedicated to “women caring for women” offering resources that rescue women from all walks of life creating balance and purposeful living. The unique methods of guidance’s she provide as one walking alongside others to assist them to unite their disjointed life or lack of clarity of vision toward divine purpose with focus as opposed to living a fragmented life. Many who have attended her events would agree her model of self-care encourages participants to embrace the significance of wholeness on their journey to be effective toward their vision.

·  Collaborative  Professional Resources (CPR) group
·  Private consultation (Coaching/ mentoring)
·  Preaching opportunities
·  Accountability Partners
·  Her blog and  books
·  Retreats  /workshop Speaker
·  Webinar/ Virtual Discussion
·  Plan and execute Conferences
·  Journaling equipping tool
·  Quiet Time events
Workshop Titles:
1.  Managing Energy NOT Time
2.  Step Out The Puddle
3.  Crossroads
4.  Life in a Maze
5.  Connect the Dots
6.  Yikes I'm Married
7.  Fundamentals of Passion vs. Gifts
This organization is designed for women seeking to live significantly in a world of competition demanding productivity at the cost of self-neglect. Karynthia teaches “optimal health is not by chance it is a choice” to maintain a healthy spirit, mind and body to be effective in life. This organization empowers you to create your vision and establish goals as one implementing the art of wholeness igniting purposeful living. During her resources you will experience a safe environment where motivation, agreement and celebration are experienced, as you become who God designed you to be before the foundation of the world.