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Reflections of Hope
Sunday, January 03 2016
Stay Plugged Into The Source...God's Presence

A word of caution, regarding falling into the trap of a humdrum prayer life.  A habit that is  . . . powerless. Are you experiencing a spiritual outage? Have you lost your connection? It has been proven that basking in the presence of God you can always expect expressions of power manifested daily. Pray and experience the . . . impossible, miraculous,  and watch the Word in Action. Stay grounded!

Comment on how you stay ground in prayer and Bible reading?

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Friday, January 01 2016
Pray: Refuel For The Journey

We are living in a culture that has embraced communication in various capacities such as: Blogs, Face book, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on . . . neither of them are vehicles that enable you to communicate with God.

Often music is substituted as a measure to communicate with God in good and bad times, but the best form of communication with God is by faith in prayer . . . moments of dialogue with the Father.

Pray daily, it is the energizing force of the believer. How honorable it is to talk with God personally.  In this New Year remember the first line of defense is praying the Word.

Let’s join faith for global change.  PRAY!

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Host: Karynthia Glasper-Phillips