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Reflections of Hope
Monday, March 14 2016
A Pilgrimage On An Unknown Road

The atmosphere was filled with excitement, anxiety, and disappointment. Perhaps, as you were starting a new journey, you had similar emotions of those who were convinced that Christ was the Messiah and filled with all power.  Like the disciples they were sure, until hearing about the crucifixion. This news was disturbing as read in the passage Luke 24:12-35.  The 2 distracted disciples did not recognize Jesus Christ as they walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

We are about to embark on a journey like the disciples, some certain about who God represents in their lives and others not so sure. Listen to the still voice, answering questions you have longed for and experience God at work in new ways as you journey.

On this pilgrimage refuse the urge to make mental U turns when you see, hear, or feel something that disrupts your peace – step out of your comfort zone.   Stop, look and listen to God teach you life changing lessons on your journey of spiritual formation. On a faith journey you learn to listen, trust and yield as you are guided to the other side. It is on these journeys’ the spirit rejoices saying, “Did not our hearts burn”.

Reflection: The disciples had an intimate relationship with Jesus but they did not discern readily the man on the road with them – the man Jesus.  Did Jesus look differently? Were their minds so clouded with the news of the crucifixion? When we are not in our traditional space how can we discern the presences of God more readily?

Prayer:  Lord, touch the eyes of our hearts, to help us discern your presence in our midst on our pilgrimage of spiritual formation. Help us listen to your voice as you teach us about your diverse creation. We embrace you on this journey with gratitude.

Pray for the Women’s Leadership Initiative students of Central Tennessee, director, Dr. Sally Holt, and Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed for a safe and spiritually enlighten pilgrimage in Thailand.   

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Host: Karynthia Glasper-Phillips